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WEt shipping

The phrase "wet shipping" is used to denote litigation relating to the issues happening to the physical ship. Examples include: collisions, grounding, sinking, pollution etc. 

Let's take these in turn. 


When two vessels collide, there is normally damage to both vessels and either one or both vessels are likely to blame the other (to varying extents).  

When this happens typically one or both parties will issue a claim.  In E&W the Admiralty Court has jurisdiction for wet claims. It is a peculiar Court which is subject to particular forms and practices, which can be found in CPR PD57AC and also the Commercial and Admiralty Court Guide. 

When a claim is threatened and/or issued the defendant is likely to bring a "limitation claim" to limit their liability for damage to third parties.  This is possible under the Convention on Limitation of Liability for Maritime Claims 1976 ("the LLMC").


The LLMC is an international convention to which the UK (and many other countries) are signatories.  

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